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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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lopez's supporters and what they have planned for later today. federal hearings will be taken into the reason happening at fso. he makes me want to be a berman a better man [applauds] >> president barack obama, the emotional ceremony in south africa for nelson mandella, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. boy, you think it is cold here? we are supposed to see the white house actually. the white house has been a whiteout this morning and there is quite a bit of weather on the east coast is affecting flights here and it is also
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affecting that ntsb hearing which was supposed to get underway regarding the crash at fso last summer so that hearing is now postponed and we will have live reports throughout the morning. it is tuesday december 10th, i am pam cook. >> you are talking about how dry i am. the readings along the coast are cold and it will be sunny today and it is a cold, cold morning, cold heart and we will warm up later. sunny for all, a few 50s and pushing upper 50s, here is sal.
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good morning, we are looking at the commute, it looks good in most areas and usually we have more traffic and there is some traffic for example metering lights were already on and we are expecting more traffic which should go on over the next 50 minutes and it is a five minute delay before you get on to the span. it looks good and in the area we are looking at the dumbarton bridge, fremont is off to a decent start, at 6:02 let's go back to the desks. still at the scene of a big fire in san francisco. this one started 8:30 last night near candle stick park. firefighters finally put out the last of the hot spots about 40 minutes ago, they had a tough time finding this because they are filled up with lumber
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sheetrock and other debris. >> they just dumped stuff basically on the floor and the pile they were burning was about 100 yards long, by 100 yards long, and 12 feet tall. >> we still don't know how that fire started. tara moriarty has been out there and is talking to firefighters. the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez is return being to work today and here is more on that. >> reporter: they will start with a march which will end in a didn't strayings and they don't plea of the deputy involved in this controversial shooting should being working once again. he will be back on the job according to the assistant
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sheriff and although he will be working on administrative assignments he will not be going out on patrol. in october he shot and killed lopez while the 13-year-old was holding an air soft beebee gun. he mistook that replica for a real ak-47. lopez's family filed a lawsuit in response and this comes as the police department find out what happened. it will head to the sheriff's department and at 8:30 this morning, the count tip board of supervisors are expected to begin making appointments to the law enforcement task force to review the officer involved
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shooting. as steve paulson told you the bay area has another freeze warning today and it will end at 9:00 a.m. in many parts, the north bay is expected to be in the 20s and some spots yesterday dipped into the teens. it will be an autopsy on a man whose body was found and the unidentified was born near, and they don't know if cold weather or foul play was a cause in his death. snow is already falling from washington d.c. to boston and we have another 3 to 6 inches expected from baltimore to washington d.c. is expected. many are all supposed to
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call ahead. vague vague and now they are talking to passengers dealing with these cans lakes and delays, pam? so far there was one flight ahead and they have been canceled this morning from san jose. we ran into several travelers trying to fly there and they were also canceled because of the ice storm. there has been more than 880 flights and they were supposed to be canceled and now they have a winter storm warning philadelphia and washington, d.c. -- washington d.c. where they are expected to receive 3
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to 6 inches. hundreds of flights have been canceled in that time. now some travelers in san jose have connecting flights that were canceled and they are still trying to get to their destinations today. the flight from san jose today to dallas was canceled so i just shifted to today and i am going to l.a. so i don't have to worry about the ice storms in dallas. they are reporting most of the cans lakes are occurring at newark, and reagan international airports and those are the top 5, so if you are ahead of that direction, make sure you are coming to any of the airports in the bay area. ktvu channel 2 morning news. because of today's shut down in washington d.c. the hearing in san francisco has
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been postponed and that hearing was scheduled for tomorrow and the ntsb will look into the factors looking into the airport back in july, we will have more coming up in a live report from washington d.c. new this morning. nelson mandela, in fact it appears people are beginning to leave family giant theater. now the memorial service is the first in a series of events honoring nelson mandela and i believe this is one of his widows. president barack obama spoke
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earlier, he said he tries to apply the liz sons to his own life as well. >> here is something a lot of people will be talking to. president barack obama walked to the podium and shook hands with raul castro there. george bush was there among other world leaders, former former president bush and laura traveled with president barack obama as well as former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton who arrived separately with chelsea. it is a group of world leaders.
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90 heads of states attending the memorial service of nelson mandella you can imagine security was extremely tight in johan miss -- ash johannesburg. they are preparing to bury their 8-year-old daughter. she died last month after being trampled by a horse in oakland during a camping trip. the money donate already go to funeral services and other expenses related to that accident. services will be held at the church. in the mountains of nevada, why the search is getting more
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dangerous. they will have more on how it will it will hurt them. and more reports of black ice, i will tell you where that is. we have signs that it is going to get a little warmer, i will tell you when. a subaru...
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. good morning, we have been telling you the winter storm on the east coast shut down the federal government and it is due today for the hearing. live from washington d.c., ken, that hearing has been postponed? >> reporter: that's right, dave, it was supposed to start actually 15 minutes ago and we got the word that the hearing is postponed and we are still waiting to find out when they will reschedule it and whether they will move it to tomorrow or later today, you can see why there are some big heavy snowflakes coming town and they are not sticking to the ground. if you looked further to the
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north that it is the main amtrak station and we checked with amtrak and the trains are running 5 minutes behind schedule and the rest of the city is shut down. all the schools in the suburbs in maryland are closed today and the federal government is closed today, universities are closed today. there is traffic moving and there are no issues with slick streets even though snowplows are ready to roll. now outside of washington d.c. where all the commuters live, there may be heavier accumulations and there could be as much as 6 inches just this morning. this morning we had a camera crew getting ready to go into the hearing as it started this morning but unfortunately that hearing has been put on hold so they were caught by us, by our
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crew saying no this hearing will be put off until a later time and we are waiting to find out exactly when that will be. again this snow is turning into a sleet and it will clear up later this afternoon and as far as today goes, the government is shut down and we are still waiting to see what happens on that hearing which could happen later today, maybe not, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the search resumes for a missing couple and four children. they went out to enjoy the snow in nevada and rescue teams say still no sign of them and two straight nines of subzero temperatures. all of the missing children are
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under ten years old. >> those tony kids can't be out there in the cold. the family lived in another part. well today an agent actress is expected to be indicted for sending letters laced with ricin. they worked out a plea agreement and prosecutors said she tried to frame her estranged husband for mailing those letters laced with ricin which is a deadly powdered substance. in a that kid has helped land a giant foundation.
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>> matt's sister has lented this. cain and his wife races that same amount. they have raised mormon 23,000 -- more than 23,000. sal is coming back to get you where you need to go, you are seeing black ice in san mateo county? >> we are are 280 northbound and there was an earlier crash and i am drawing and arrow on this map here. they had to run a traffic break to get to the oil so you can imagine, black ice and that's not normal. northbound 208 is getting a little bit better, so if there
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is black ice in san mateo county and keep you up dated. the metering lights have been turned on and traffic is backed up for a ten minute wait before making it onto the span. and also northbound 280 at the change that -- interchange that traffic is of moving along well. >> i have the cold heart truth for you, any record lows, we can use some rain, and i will answer all of these right now. >> san francisco is looking at july 1st since 19717 and we have 9 inches of rain to avid
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the record and we are looking apt dry, dry and dry and we will set a record for the dryest calendar year ever. freezing on the coast and also in san francisco and i don't think we will set any records, it is 27 at the airport, san rafael 30s and it is not going to happen. livermore 27 and it 24 is the record pack in 1972 ago 39 -- 39 in afternoon bay, one in it who, it is sunny and it will stay sunny for a while and each day here temperatures are beginning to warm up and we'll
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see thing warmup by this area which is large and in charge 50s on the temperatures, berkeley oakland brentwood, it is even warmer for bill roy, santa cruz, los gatos san jose, 57. redwood city on the coast, each day looks like it is going to bump up and if not tomorrow and thursday, the weekend looks warmer and by this time next week we could be looking at record temperatures. thank you steve. the president of the st. louis federal reserve could begin as early as this month. they would recognize i am prompts and they meet in
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washington, d.c. startling man day. and they are standing for more than a record high, the surging stock market and steady home buying prices are recovering and the wealthyiest homeownership has actually declined since the recession. freezing classrooms in one bay area elementary school, why the school district says it took a whole week to fix a broken furnace. the first anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school is approaching. how the families will mark this anniversary and what they are asking everyone else to do.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. they voted to extend the ban on those which cannot be determined and they sent president barack obama back to the nelson mandella service the law first passed is supported by both democrats and republicans and it was set to
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expire today. the families of the 20 first graders and 6 adults shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school, they are getting ready to mark the first anniversary of that tragedy. a gunman opened fire killing children an adults. this sunday marks one year today and they will light candles to remember the victims and they want people to remember this in a special way. >> we ask that you volunteer with a charitable organization in your community. we hope some small measure of good may be returned to the world. >> it is called my sandy hook elementary school family and there you can post messages to honor the families who were killed.
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and she will fly to oakland to represent all victims of gun violence. christopher jones was shot and killed new year's eve in 2010. she will joan other gun victims of gun violence. he is going to do whatever he can to help save the space agency. >> then i decided to give my whole piggy spank to fast is a. >> honor and his family are asking nasa funding to allow him to grow up and fulfill his dreams of working in space. a catholic school worker is
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it looks likes we are in store for a decent opening as they are renting the bell, s&p 500 is starting in decent territory and the dow jones industrial average will drop a bit this morning and we will keep an eye on the numbers for you. watching lou lou lemon, people remember him wearing the pants
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and he is stepping down. we are going to smile and say good morning, i am dave clark. we are talking about no cold and it will mean the dryest roads ever. stamford 26. pacifica, brandon, 40s on the coast and we are 30-to-40 degrees warmer than what we were yesterday. in san francisco we are much warmer and inland temperatures in the 20s, east bay which had the breeze yesterday they actually tailed off. santa rosa, 35 in san bruno,
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livermore 29, so there are some cold readings but once we get going it will not do anything for us. cold mornings, and sunny, a couple of degrees and temperatures are looking away, and maybe a few upper going on. we have slowed traffic and it was not as bad as it was yesterday, you can see traffic here is moving along okay and it is not like family looks and it has also slowed antioch and bay bridge and it has not been too bad just yet. we have reports of black ice near the duran bridge and there
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was an earlier oil spill and give yourself time in that area. fire crews are still at the scene of a stubborn -- stubborn fire. 30 minutes ago, firefighters put out the final hot spots there. tara moriarty tells us more on why it was so hard to put this out, tara? >> reporter: it was a huge pile and and it was -- smoking. they were able to pinpoint this fire and that is what you see inside the warehouse. crews are list -- sifting as firefighters had to do it by hand.
6:34 am
neighbors noticed smoke pouring from the windows on tunnel avenue near candle stick park. this facility which is part of the city dump is a place where main lincoln tractors -- mainly contractors try to get rid of materials they don't need. >> they just dump the stuff basically on the floor and the pile that was burning was about 100 yards long by 8 feet tall by 12 feet wide. >> one firefighters heard it split, he was treated on the scene and they are a lot less smokey and should be out here several more hours. they are inside trying to determine exactly what sparked this fire. live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. also happening right now, a winter storm hitting the east coast, another 3 to 6 inches of snow is expected from washington d.c. to boston and that winter storm is affecting flights all over the country, and man net it airport as well. janine dela vega has more on what travelers need to know, january knee. more than several flights were canceled and american airlines today has canceled more than 200 flights nationwide and it is because of the wintery weather. i have been checking the sites which tracks delays and cancellations and the numbers are increasing all morning. there have been 1,000 cancellations throughout the
6:36 am
u.s. this morning and luckily there are several canceled and oakland international is being tee laid by probably almost. some passengers have been delayed and there are flights canceled in dallas and they had to spend the night and are rerouted today. >> we are just trying to get back home and they canceled the flights because of the ice in dallas. they rerouted us through l.a. and that's where we are off to. >> are you krausing your fingers? >> no, it should be fine. we don't have any stops so it is not a big deal. and caps lakes are going on through -- cans lakes are going on throughout the area and if you are headed into that
6:37 am
direction, just check your flights so you know they will they will be warm after a week with no eat. they are -- heat, they are in the 40s after the school's boiler system broke down last week. >> i had to wear my jacket. >> it is freezing in his room. all the kids are buntelled -- bundled up with hats and coats. that is not right. >> they had to wait for a replacement boiler but it didn't happen until yesterday afternoon. paint paint and they have given their national weather
6:38 am
consumption and that's twice the amount and it beats a record set 15 years ago. paint page said they are -- pga tour said they -- 75th pg&e. said they have the third one this season. and spare the air is keeping the air stagnant and pollution close to the ground. last year there were only four spare the air days and all of them were in january. an employee is facing child poll left station charges. she abused a male over a two year period and the incident
6:39 am
took place at all saints catholic school. the city of oakland according to a member will ask the council more on how they can a move the budget. now the budget calls for 65 officer in december but only 631 are working right now. and today there will be a big announcement in the city, larry escobar has been the city's interim chief and he is expected to formally accept the job during this morning's city council meeting. last week he spoke in an exclusive interview. he is confident he can accept the job because he is not an
6:40 am
outsider. the city of sap fran still sees red. tell us -- san francisco still sees red and they will tell us how much it is costing taxpayers. >> reporter: as you may remember, the races coming from behind to win the cup in the last few days but now that the race is over, some are questioning whether the america's cup races were even worth it according to the chronicle this morning. they analyzed the numbers and found it is red when it comes to hosting the race. it is finding 654 million and they will not be getting any deep economic and through
6:41 am
fundraiser they are onliable to refund if the money. david chu said it was worth it for for the 22nd deadline. live in san francisco brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:41 is the time, the question many businesses may soon no longer be able to ask you on your job application. a controversial shooting of andy lopez, the shooter returns to work and we will tell you what supporters of lopez are planning for today. good morning, we do have a look at highway 24 as we drive to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland but there is another part of the bay area where black ice is causing
6:42 am
delays. it's cold, learning about 3 to 5 degrees, how long will it last and have afternoon highs coming up. omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page?
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. welcome back, happening today, the sonoma sheriff's
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deputy who shot and killed andy lopez is headed back to work today. we have more on the reasons why the move is prompting a protest. >> reporter: good morning, andy lopez supporters do not believe the deputy involved in this shooting should not be allowed to work and in fact they want to prosecute him and they are planning a protest to let people know the sheriff's office will be closed as a result of that protest. they will be back on -- he will be back on the job according to the assistant sheriff but he will not be going out on patrol. he has been on paid leave since october when end shot and killed lopez while he was holding an air soft beebee gun
6:46 am
and he mistook it for a real one, an ak-47. and the outside agency continues to investigate exactly what happened that day. now later this morning the country board of supervisors is expected to begin a task force during that meeting in response to the killing of lopez and they will come up with recommendations to approve officeer involved shootings. >> live this morning in santa rosa alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the mandee attained in north korea is saying more about what happened while he was detained. he ran into trouble after asking about the north korean partisans he helped train during the war.
6:47 am
he videotaped an apology but the words were not his and were not delivered voluntarily. release from the california website, thousands have gone online since the exchange page launched but they started the application proses he is and they hoped to complete the end ramp. process. however the governor says that idea is a serious mistake. >> the city of san jose is trying to reduce the number of marijuana dispensaries and they will consider keeping dispensaries away from libraries and other areas. it will reduce just 1% of the city. medical marijuana supporters will fight back with a ballot
6:48 am
measure. they could soon be banned for asking if they had ever been convicted of a felony. it is known as ban the box, and it is off limits for pillow market housing on applications as well. it will cost 709 and the delivery of the heights and proceeds will run mere the parks' department. here is more on mornings on 2. it is chilly in the bay area and scientists have found a new record low global
6:49 am
temperature and it is -- i should say it is minus 135.8 degrees. we will tell you why this happened and why it will not be in the guinness book of world records. a major break through, why it is looking more and more like legalization is coming to the state of california. and doing an extremely difficult job, when a livermore lab scientist has done, to receive the nobel peace prize today. those stories are coming up on mornings on 2. back over to sal, how is traffic right now, sal. we had some black ice reported. pam, dave, traffic is improving and it was right here and they
6:50 am
have lifted the significant alert. as we look at hayward, westbound 580 traffic is very slow from 205 and gets over to livermore. 649, let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up for a delay. we have stop and go traffic as we head to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. good morning everybody, clear skies, not as cold in san francisco, a lot of 30s and 40s, i know half-moon bay and i will have the cold hard truth for you and we can use some rain because it is very dry and it is record-setting for the dryest calendar year. remember it starts july 1st but the calendar year starts
6:51 am
january. so far this year 5.59 total and we need 3.5 inches of rain and there is no sign of anything, i top think it will happen. we have a few upper 50s and the reason is temperatures are not as cold as it was yesterday. it is very cold in men seen know, 18 degrees and that's from brad tweeting me and also novato 25, brentwood and christian checking in with 27 and a lot more 20s, walnut creek antioch fairfield, and yesterday they had the wind, 41 with napa, and it is not far
6:52 am
away although you can get it earlier. one more day and after that temperatures start to get warm enough and it is allowing them from getting colder and my friend asks where was i today. where were you, it is okay, i will be back. we have temperatures in the 50s for many, cold for the morning, sunny hazy and a few clouds on friday and maybe record highs on monday. is it racial pro feel and what they were to with criminals and it's just not fair. we will more on the mystery tree and the person who put it there.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the new report, they have announced a new chief executive officer and they will have somebody else take over the top job and she is currently gm's senior vice-
6:56 am
president for global and she is in charge of design and quality of all gm vehicles around the world. has been the company's head of human resources and she is 51 years old, started in co-op and said to be the first woman in charge of the global auto industry. and they announced a break in the high profile case involving the most popular shopping areas. they arrested a prime suspect in several smash and grab areas on time square. they are responsible for targeting high-end stores for the past couple of months and a surveillance video helped lead to the break in the case. was it good work or racial profiling. the san francisco police department is using unfair
6:57 am
crime tactics in some neighborhoods. they were shown photographs of other potential suspects in a book that police call the lakeview book. then they said the photo book appears to be filled with african-americans some of whom, who have arrest records and some who don't. >> they are demonstrating of their own volition, whether they have been arrested or not. >> the photo books are not racial profiling and if the makeup of their a fill in its, that determines the racial make up of their faction. it is buoy the along 100 feet and it has two small solar
6:58 am
panels and people in the area don't know who put it there but they say it is a nice gesture and a nice thing to do. a powerful winter storm is causing major problems around the country and we will tell you how how the bay area is affected. we have a fire and we will tell you why it took so long for the firefighters to put it out. we have black ice causing a problem in parts of san mateo county and i will tell you where. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities
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that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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good morning. a powerful winter storm causing big trouble around the country. this one is even affecting the federal hearings into the recent airline disaster at sfo. >> reporter: storms are still affecting thousands travelers. we are monitoring how it is affecting travelers at bay area airports. >> reporter: gud news regarding a fire at a warehouse in san


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